al-Qa’ida really pisses me off!

I am still fuming about Umar Abdul M’Blahblah trying to blow up Northwest Flight #253 from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day!!!!

To recap, a Nigerian Muslim boarded a plane in Nigeria with a bomb sewn into his briefs, on a one-way ticket, paid for by cash, with no luggage.  The plane stopped in Amsterdam (where US Air Marshals are not allowed), and then flew to Detroit.  He tried to detonate the bomb on final approach (when passengers must turn off all their electronics).  It popped, caught on fire and the rest is history.

First, let me say that a certain “flying Dutchman” and a number of civilians and air crew did an excellent job thwarting the attack.  In the end, I really think its ordinary people like you and me who can ultimately prevail over this nonsense.

Yeah, it pisses me off that al-Qa’ida keeps trying to kill Americans.  But that’s just the tip of it.

It pisses me off that our government knew much about the bomber.  He was known to have been in direct contact with al-Qa’ida – and in particular, the same Yemeni “Imam” that the Fort Hood shooter had correspondence with.

I’m pissed that our Director of Homeland Security claimed “the system worked”.  This is the same woman who warned that patriotic Americans should be suspected as terrorists, and tried to replace the word ‘terrorism’ with ‘man-made disaster’… and she still has her job!

I’m pissed that they are now talking about doing full body scan’s of “Granny Smith” flying from LAX to DFW, or banning little Timmy Bradshaw from having his comic book on his lap for the last hour of the flight.  And I’m almost as pissed that many Americans seem to think this is “OK” — those folks clearly do not understand the facts!  I’m still pissed at Richard Reid too – thanks to him, I have to take my shoes off at airports.

I am pissed that Umar Faruk Abdul-whatever is going to be tried in a civilian criminal court.  He should be sitting in some military BRIG or, better yet, a POW camp.  He is an enemy soldier who invaded America and carried out an attack.  Furthermore, since he wasn’t in uniform, and attacked civilians, he should face a court-martial (aka “Military Tribunal”) for violations of the Geneva Conventions (i.e. War Crimes), and ultimately hanged!

As bizarre as this sounds, civilized nations do expect their enemies to execute any war they declare in a civilized manner.  U.S. Taxpayers could get off much cheaper if we simply carpet-bombed large areas, inflicting many civilian casualties.  But we have the technology to prevent this, and pay extra to do so.  We hold our soldiers to a standard – ‘rules of engagement’ to minimize civilian casualties. Those who have declared war on the United States (and the West in general) in recent decades, target civilians.

It is time for our government to stop being unwitting tools of our enemies.  It is time to let those of us who bleed stars & stripes be a part of the solution, and not treated as suspects. It is time to cease the politically-correct B.S. and prosecute, to victory, this war against those who’ve declared it upon us.

[I feel much better now, getting that off my chest. Thanks for indulging.]


~ by Patrick Larkin Jr on January 7, 2010.

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